Chessimo AppYour professional chess trainer accompanies you and improves your chess in the shortest time possible


The unique and innovative training method.
With carefully selected training modules, Chessimo specifically enhances your openings, endgames, strategies and tactics, as well as your memory and the ability to stay ahead of your opponent.


The game against our chess engine.
Chessimo is your ideal training partner. By automatically adjusting his playing strength, the chess engine helps you improve your game at your own pace.


The real game against your friends.
In the real game, you train your intuitive recognition of the best move. Use your screen as a chessboard and play without equipment, wherever you want.

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Take the shortcut to becoming a chess master with Chessimo Online

Improve your

• Fotographic memory

• Thinking ahead

• Pattern recognition

• Tactical sharpness

• Openings and endgames

• Strategic insight

• Visualization ability

Professional. Authentic. Effective. Individual.

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